Calendar Event Approval Guide

This guide will outline the steps required to a) approve pending events and b) create new events from within the Calendar Dashboard.

Guide audience: Campus Directors, Student Service, Administration

New events must be approved by a Campus Director, if campus specific, or Student Services. Note that students, faculty, staff and guests can submit events to the calendar. Your participation helps the Marketing team ensure relevant events and great content are available on our University's website.

Approval Steps:
1. Login to the Calendar Dashboard:
2. Select "All Events" from left menu (pending events display a red notification)
3. Select "Draft" link at the top of page
4. Hover the mouse over the event title, select "Edit"
5. Review the Event Details (check for accuracy, typos, etc.)
6. To approve event, select "Publish" (next to the green "Save" button).

7. Press the green "Save" button

Unapproved Events:
A. If an event has errors:
1. Contact the event organizer listed in the "ORGANIZER CONTACT INFO" section

B. If the event is spam or non-suitable content:
1. Delete the event by selecting "All Events", then the "Pending" tab
2. Hover the curser over the event, and select "Trash"

To create an event from within the Dashboard:
1. Login to the Calendar Dashboard:
2. Select the “Add New Event” option on menu (left side). The pop up window may take some time to appear so please do not exit while it loads.
3. Complete the information about the event
4. Enter the title of the event in the field that reads Enter title here
5. Publish the event by selecting "Publish" (next to the green "Save" button)

6. Press the green "Save" button
7. Logout of the Calendar Dashboard

For additional information about using the Events Calendar visit:

We are currently in the early stages of using this improved calendar and continuous improvements are being made. If you have any questions about the calendar or suggestions on making it better, please [/url]
submit a ticket to the Marketing Helpdesk.
Creation date: 3/2/2017 4:33 PM      Updated: 5/16/2018 1:31 PM