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How to Set-up and Use the Event Backwall Display

Instructions for the usage and set-up of Alliant's event back wall display for conferences and outreach events.

Usage Requirements
When Alliant is participating in an event with a booth that includies pipe and drape to outline the space, use of the complete event display set-up is required. For smaller-sized events with other configurations of space, the display set-up can be downsized, as appropriate, under direction of a Senior Business Development Director or a Marketing Department staff member.

Backwall Display Usage
  • Set-up How-To. Everything you need to set-up the full display easily packs into the case provided. Watch the two short set-up videos linked below for a visual walk-through of how to set-up the display. Individual carrying cases for each of the three bannerstands are also included for times when the banners are being used separately.

  • Proper Usage. The three graphic panels that make up the full backwall display are three individual banner stands that can be used separately. Please note: the middle panel, as seen in the image below in this article, should not be used alone. It can be used with either the Alliant panel or the School-specific panel. Both the Alliant and school-specific panels can be used independently when appropriate. Take a look at the image attached below for reference.

  • School-specific Panels. Graphic panels specific to each school have been ordered as needed for each campus. These fabric panels can be changed out in the bannerstand hardware for different events. The school-specific graphic should be used that is appropriate and most relevant for the event you are attending. For an event that is general, and not school or discipline-specific, use only the Alliant panel and the middle, brand panel.

Usage Tips
  • Treat with Care. The university has invested in high-quality event displays intended for longevity and flexibility. When using it, treat it with care.
  • Slow and Steady. When winding and unwinding the individual banners, go slowly. These can veer off-track and become damaged or wrinkled if they are not properly rolled up. Wrinkles should be ironed or steamed out as needed

Display Setup Videos

Bannerstand Backwall Setup Video


Packing Case & Arrive Table Setup Video
! This table and case are compatible with two different back wall options—the backwall in this video is NOT the exact backwall we ordered. It is very similar and packs into the case in the same way.

How-To Change a Graphic Panel

HELP On-site
Any staff member can call our Sales Rep Jason directly if you're having a problem with the display
Jason Lethert
C: 858-504-0302
O: 858-552-9033 x318
Skyline San Diego

Backwall Display Inventory
The event back wall display is the same for each campus. The graphics panels at each campus vary based on local program offerings. The materials ordered for your campus are outlined and itemized below.

  • Arrive table case - This is the hard plastic case that houses display materials. This case converts into a podium that should be used as a part of the display
  • 3x bannerstand hardware with graphics (see image below for reference)
  • 3x metal poles to be used with the bannerstand and graphic
  • Fabric podium graphic with velcro - this wraps around the hard plastic case
  • Table-top - this lies flat on top of the case for when it is converted into a podium
  • 3x lights - these connect on top of each banner stand to enhance the display
  • 3x batteries - these are for operating the lights and include rechargeable batteries and required cables; there are different cables for operating the lights and for charging
  • 3x soft, carry cases - these are separate from the display set-up itself and should be used when transporting individual bannerstands

School-Specific Graphics by Campus

Fresno, Irvine, Los Angeles & Sacramento

  1. CSPP - California School of Professional Psychology
  2. CSE - California School of Education
*The Irvine campus display will be kept in San Diego until Admissions staff is hired at this campus.

San Diego
  1. CSPP - California School of Professional Psychology
  2. CSE - California School of Education
  3. SFLS - San Francisco Law School
  4. CSML - California School of Management and Leadership
  5. Alliant Undergrad

San Francisco

  1. CSPP - California School of Professional Psychology
  2. CSE - California School of Education
  3. SFLS - San Francisco Law School
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