New Ticket Submission Guide

Marketing wants to support you as quickly as possible, but we receive lots of new requests every day. However, you can expedite turnaround time by following a few simple tips.

Guidelines on submitting new tickets

Tip #1. Use a concise but brief Subject:
Using a short but descriptive subject helps us quickly identify the nature of a request, and assign as quickly as possible. For example, rather than saying, "Website update", instead, use a Subject like "Requesting website copy update on CSML faculty page".

Tip #2. Be specific, tell us what you're asking for:
A request will take longer to solve if we aren't sure what you're asking us to do. For example, rather than writing a paragraph summarizing an issue in detail, use this simple format instead.

Requesting website copy update on a program page
I need a specific page updated on the website
1. On this page:
2. Replace the word "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" with "cool"
3. Add this copy to the bottom of the page: Copy: "It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen."

Tip #3. Use priority sparingly:
When creating a new ticket, use Critical and High priority sparingly. These should be use for only urgent issues. For example, the website is down, a compliance issue, or something that is affecting the entire University community. When possible, please use Low and Normal priority.

Tip #4. Select the appropriate category:
Marketing supports the University community across all campuses, in various ways. When submitting a new ticket, choose the category that best fits your request. If you're not sure, use the General Support / Other. This helps us to quickly assign the ticket to the right team member.

Tip #5. We're people too! :)
We understand that you're faced with the challenges of deadlines, and these are part of daily life within a lively organization. But, please think twice before sending a request that may be best said in person or using a more collaborative form of communication.
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