Event Calendar Submission Guide

This guide is currently being updated.

The Alliant.edu website offers a self-service events calendar across our 6 campuses.
The calendar allows events to be submitted by students, faculty, and staff directly from the events page.

Submitting new events requires 6 easy steps.

1. Go to:

2. Select the "Submit Event" button.

3. If this is your first time submitting an event, you will be asked to create a Timely account. If you have created an account already, you can click the “Login” link.

4. You will be taken to the main page of your Timely account. Click on the plus sign in the left navigation bar to add a new event. The pop up window may take some time to appear so please do not exit while it loads.

5. Enter the details of your event.

6. Select "Save" on the bottom right corner of the form to submit your event for approval.

After submission, the event is reviewed by the location's campus directors and posted if approved. If more information is required, the submitter will be contacted.

• Use the event location in the title of the event (e.g. Chess Club at San Diego Campus)
• To ensure your submission is published, submit the event at least 48 hours prior to beginning of event
• Do not add room #, building, or suite info in the Venue field (use the description field instead)
• If you're including an RSVP, add any external RSVP link to the description field
• Do not use a flyer or brochure as the event image (these will be deleted)
• To include a file with your event, paste a shared link to that file (e.g. Box, OneDrive, etc.)
• To edit or cancel an event, log into your Timely account (
https://dashboard.time.ly) and review under “All Events”
• For more info about submitting an event, please visit

Timely Hub Calendar Help and Information:
https://www.youtube.com/user/TimelyTube/videos https://time.ly/document/user-guide-web-app/

We are currently in the early stages of using this improved calendar and continuous improvements are being made. If you have any questions about the calendar or suggestions on making it better, please
submit a ticket to the Marketing Helpdesk.
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