Use of University Branding Guidelines

To effectively brand and ‘Put Alliant International University on the Map,’ it is critical to have a consistent look and feel, which is our visual identity. The university seal, logos, colors, and other marks are the foundation of our visual identity.

This marketing page is the first step in our branding effort and is intended to give you easy access to a variety of approved logo and seal options for use in print, presentations, and on the web. We have developed a complete brand style guide that will enable you to help us brand Alliant while maintaining our visual identity.

Download Branding Guide

You can download logos and other materials here:

See the navigation on the left to access the approved seal and logos for Alliant located in the Alliant Logos and Templates folder. For each of the schools, click on the School Logos and Templates folder.

Please make sure to submit a new ticket if you need assistance and specifically, for the following items:
  • Professional printing, including imprints on specialty/promotional items (pens, thumb drives), brochures, posters
  • Enlarging the logo/seal. Images can be shrunk without losing quality, but they become blurry when enlarged
  • Combining your institutional logo with the Alliant logo
  • Photo/Video Release forms

Note: Use of the acronym AIU is not approved for university communication. If you need to shorten the 'Alliant International University' name, use 'Alliant' instead of AIU.
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