Turn Around Timeline

New request for most jobs must be submitted according the timeline specified below. Your project’s start date is defined as the date all materials necessary to complete the job are submitted.

Therefore, please follow these important guidelines when opening your job:
  • Have all copy or detailed copy points prepared. Read Tips for Submitting Copy for details.
  • Attach all photos and graphics
  • Supply the insertion orders for ads
  • Supply budget guidelines
  • Specify quantity of materials desired
  • Supply a realistic timeline
  • Reference past job numbers as often as possible
  • Provide pertinent URL for information or examples
  • Provide correct material phone numbers
  • Gain pre-approval from your department head before opening any job

You may find it helpful to meet with your marketing project manager and production manager in advance to help you maximize the scheduling and effectiveness of your project. If your job involves copy writing and/or a new design, it requires that a meeting be set before the job is processed. We look forward to working with you!
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