Processing inquiries/leads from my last event

 In order to get new leads imported please follow these steps:

  1. Are these leads going to be called, or is the intent to have them in an engagement email campaign?
    1. This will determine if these will be entered as “Pre-leads” or as “Inquired” leads.
  2. Please clean up/update the records according to the criteria below (add additional missing data in separate columns on the sheet):
    1. Put all data in one spreadsheet
    2. Move Email to Column 1
    3. Delete extra columns (i.e. Highest level of Education – this does not have a field in SF)
    4. Assign to Biz Dev Owner, if applicable
    5. Identify whether to assign lead to User, Group, Queue, or Salesforce active assignment rule
    6. Lead Source
    7. Channel Source
    8. Source Detail
    9. Campus
    10. Major
    11. Session/Session Year (if applicable)
    12. Normalize State information (update states to two-letter abbreviations)
    13. Normalize Country information (update USA to United States)
Creation date: 7/21/2020 10:29 AM      Updated: 7/21/2020 10:29 AM