Webinar Benchmarks

Analysis from 19,640 webinars on the ON24 platform.

Longer promotional campaigns translate to more registrants.

The middle of the week — Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday — are the best days for promotional emails.

Attendees are most available during the middle of the week at 11 a.m. PST (2 p.m., EST). For all webinars, the average viewing time is 56.4 minutes.

In general, a 35 to 45 percent conversion is considered a healthy conversion rate.

Webinars are moving away from one-size fits all approach and towards targeted events for mid and bottom of the funnel prospects.

Audiences engage with webinar tools (ask questions, respond to polls and surveys, chat with their peers and download relevant content).

Audiences come to expect a live video experience as webinar hosts grow more comfortable with video. 35 percent of all webinar views coming from on-demand only audiences.

The average viewing time has increased from 42 minutes to 44 minutes, reflecting the popularity of on-demand content.

While Continuing Education remains the most engaging webinar type, Marketing has the most substantial increase in engagement year-over-year.


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