Email Pre-Flight Checklist

Email Pre-Flight Checklist

As of 3/6/2020

1)      Review the program to verify items are approved

a.       Verify email is approved

b.       Verify landing pages are approved

c.       Render email, review spam analysis (send to

d.       Send test list, Internal Email Test List as of 1-24-2020 (9)

2)      Review SFDC campaigns

a.       Verify SFDC campaigns for Email, Event, Webinar, and Paid Internet

b.       Verify member statuses

                                                               i.      Downloads asset

                                                             ii.      Registers for event/webinar

                                                           iii.      Attends event/webinar

3)      Review SFDC Lead Flow

a.       Are responders flowing to the right SFDC campaigns?

4)      Review Marketo Status Progression

a.       Update program status for each program type

                                                               i.      Webinar: Registered/Attended/No Show

                                                             ii.      Field Event: Registered/Attended/No Show

                                                           iii.      Email: Clicked/Downloaded

                                                           iv.      PDF Download: Downloaded

5)      Review Send Campaign

a.       Review Prospect List

                                                               i.      Make sure all expected exclusions and inclusions are there

                                                             ii.      Review the filter list logic  (1 and 2) or 3 or (4 and 5 and 6)

                                                           iii.      Add Return path Return Path Seed List 2019-12-03 not in Return path Seed List Suppression

                                                           iv.      OR Internal Seed List, Internal Seed List as of 12-13-2019

                                                             v.      OR Emailable, Send List, and not in Prospect Full Suppression List

Prospect Full Suppression List is:

Suppress Encorps Suppression List from all future email blasts (per Angie 1-22-2019)

Suppress Junk emails Suppression List,

Suppress Limit 2 Emails sent today 

Suppress Limit emails to 3x in 7 days 

Suppress NoEmail Address Suppression List 

Suppress Non-open emails in 104 weeks 52 emails isn't opt out

Suppress Non-open emails in 20 weeks 13 emails isn't opted out

Suppress Non-open emails in 52 weeks 26 emails isn't opted out

Suppress Pardot Data Hygiene DO NOT EMAIL OPTED OUT as of 1/24/2020 11:13AM,

Suppress Role based emails Suppression List,

Soft Bounce Management 5x Suppression List,

Soft Bounce Management Suppression List

Suppress Test Email Address Suppression List and 

Suppress yopmail Suppression List

6)      Review email:

a.       Subject Line

b.       From Name, Sender: Specific User Alliant International University

c.       Reply-To Address: Alliant Admissions

d.       Quick review of copy for missed typos, etc.

e.       Check all links in the body copy and the CTA button

f.        Preview personalization as Mike, Amy, etc., Send HTML and text proof to approver

7)      Schedule deployment

a.       Confirm the final count is in the range of the expected number

b.       Schedule single send (Each lead can flow through the flow once) after 10AM, except on weekends

c.       Schedule multiple sends (Each lead can run through the flow every time) after 10AM, except weekends

Form Consent

By submitting this form, I am giving Alliant International University my express written consent to contact me about its educational services by email, telephone and/or text messaging using automated technology at the address and telephone number(s) provided above, including wireless. I understand that consent is not required to attend Alliant International University and I can always contact directly at 866-825-5426 to request additional information.

Body Copy


Alliant International University programs have been accredited by WSCUC for more than three decades.


Alliant International University has been accredited by WSCUC for more than three decades.

Email Footer

For our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program, and other important information, please go to our website at

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