Email Promo Request

When requesting email promotion or providing changes and feedback, be sure to review the following information needed for our team to properly execute the request so we can support you efficiently.

When requesting:

1.      Provide the following details:    

1.      Who: Who is the audience? Who will be providing the list of email recipients?

2.      What: What do we want the audience to know? What is most important to this partner? What program(s) should be promoted? What are the unique selling points? What are the agreed upon Partnership Benefits? 

3.      Where: Where is the event taking place? (if applicable)

4.      When: When does the email need to be deployed by?

5.      Why: Why are we sending this email? Please elaborate on what the purpose and mission of this email. What action do you want the email recipient to take after reading it?

6.      How: How will this be deployed? By Marketing? By another university department? By multiple university departments for different audiences? By a partner or 3 party?

2.      Provide preliminary copy that the Marketing Team can review and revise. 

When providing changes/feedback:

1.      Include your notes as comments to the PDF document provided.

**Please note

·       Rendering of email proofs will not be exact

·       Live messages will render differently across email platforms (i.g. Gmail desktop vs. Gmail mobile apps vs. Yahoo vs. MS Outlook vs. AOL mail, etc.).

Marketing designs emails to be responsive for mobile (which accounts for the majority of use cases) and to accommodate as many email platforms as possible. While rendering test tools are used to verify rendering and deliverability across platforms, this is not fully within our control. 
Creation date: 9/6/2018 12:00 PM      Updated: 1/15/2020 4:38 PM