Campus Directory, Profiles, Faculty Pages & List Pages?

Confused about Profiles, Faculty Pages and Faculty List Pages? 

Here's what you need to know...

The University uses distinct types of elements to highlight our faculty and here's an explanation of each.

Campus Directory (depreciated)
The campus directory is where data is stored and pulled into the website. The directory is managed by IT and located  here:

Faculty Profile: (depreciated)
These are located on the My.Alliant portal and part of the University SIS. Profiles can be searched using the Campus Directory.

Faculty Pages
These pages display basic faculty information and are automatically imported to from profile data on the My.Alliant portal. Faculty pages are located here:

Faculty List Pages (Static and Dynamic)
These are located across and display faculty within a specific department, program, and/or school. Most, not all, of these pages are dynamically updated.

This is the faculty page publication process, and technology. Angour is the project code name we use in Marketing for the process that brings everything together! Project Angour requires complex operational and technical coordination between multiple technology platforms, and departments.

Are you a faculty and ready to start your profile? Read this article to get started.
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