Faculty Bio Page Text Formatting

If you have a Faculty Bio Page, the link will be in this format: https://alliant.edu/faculty/firstname-lastname/

Be aware that your Bio copy may not display properly on Alliant.edu if you pasted the text using a word processor. This problem occurs because word processor software adds extra (hidden) formatting tags.

How to prevent this from happening?
When entering your profile/data into the My.Alliant.Edu Campus Directory (aka: Profile), enter it manually or paste use a text editor app before pasting text to the profile. This way, the text can be read and formatted properly when your data is imported onto the Faculty Bio pages.

What about Microsoft Word?
Note that Microsoft Word is not a text-only editor and adds special hidden tags to text that will break the Bio Page formatting.

What about saving as .txt using Microsoft Word?
This will often cause the same issue given that MS Word is not a text-only editor and does not output pure text.

A list of text editors:
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