Faculty Pages: How to Add Your Faculty Info to Alliant.edu

This KB is depreciated and requires updating post SIS launch. (Reg) (Jan 2020)

Start here. It's important that we're all speaking the same language, so please review this list of terminology.

Here's what you need to know...

The University uses distinct types of elements to highlight our faculty and here's an explanation of each.

Campus Directory (depreciated)
The campus directory is where data is stored and pulled into the Alliant.edu website. The directory is managed by IT and located  here: https://my.alliant.edu/ICS/Admin/Hidden/Visible/Campus_Directory_Search.jnz

Faculty Profile: (depreciated)
These are located on the My.Alliant portal and part of the University SIS. Profiles can be searched using the Campus Directory.

Faculty Pages
These pages display basic faculty information and are automatically imported to Alliant.edu from profile data on the My.Alliant portal. Faculty pages are located here: https://alliant.edu/faculty

Faculty List Pages (Static and Dynamic)
These are located across Alliant.edu and display faculty within a specific department, program, and/or school. Most, not all, of these pages are dynamically updated.

This is the faculty page publication process, and technology. Angour is the project code name we use in Marketing for the process that brings everything together! Project Angour requires complex operational and technical coordination between multiple technology platforms, and departments.

**********INSTRUCTIONS FOLLOW**********

The following was added to help make the process of creating and editing your profile as straight-forward and simple as possible. These additions address frequently asked questions and common errors based on feedback received from the first phase of this project.

Submit any feedback to Paul.Nelson@alliant.edu. He can help walk you through any trouble you have with the profiles or note issues that need to be resolved.

Please note that as the Faculty Spotlights continues to grow, we are identifying and fixing current issues, as well as expanding the capabilities/functionality of the pages on an ongoing basis.

1. Style Guide
We have received several questions about the format that should be used when filling out your profile. While you should reflect your own personal style, please:
  1. Write in the third person
  2. Immediately refer to your terminal degree.
Here are a few examples taken from existing profiles:

"John Smith, Ph.D., is Distinguished Professor in the Organizational Psychology Programs at the California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP) of Alliant International University, where he has taught since..."

"Dr. Smith is an Associate Professor in the Department of Undergraduate Psychology. A licensed clinical..."

2. Formatting
The tool that pulls information from your MyAlliant profile and displays it on the alliant.edu Faculty Spotlight page does not accept any special formatting. Special formatting will cause with your profile to display incorrectly. Special formatting is automatically applied to text when using programs such as Microsoft Word.

To avoid this problem:
Copy and paste the text you would like to add into your Bio Summary into the Notepad program. You can see that any formatting from MS Word is automatically removed when copied and pasted into Notepad.


MyAlliant Public Profile Manager and Faculty Spotlight Biographies

•In this guide, you will learn how to:

-Access your public profile using your MyAlliant portal
-Create a new profile
-Edit an existing profile

•About the Public Profile Directory and Faculty Spotlight page

-Using the MyAlliant Public Profile Manager, you will be able to enter your profile information which will then be pulled and displayed on the Faculty Spotlight Pages on the main website. If you have any questions throughout this guide, please contact Paul Nelson Paul.Nelson@Alliant.edu or the Alliant IT Help Desk ITHelp@Alliant.edu.

Access Public Profile Manager in the MyAlliant Portal

•Access MyAlliant by going to https://my.alliant.edu/ICS/

-Log onto MyAlliant.edu using your Alliant email and password. If you are unable to log in, please contact the Alliant Help
Desk at ITHelp@Alliant.edu

•If you have forgotten your password, click the “Forgot Password?” link for help

•Click on the Faculty tab on the top of the page

•Click on the Public Profile Manager link under the Faculty Tools & Services section

PleaseNote- Throughout the editing process, it is very important that you update each record that you change before you leave the page. Your work will be lost if you do not update.

Access Public Profile Manager in the MyAlliant Portal

•Creating a new profile
-If you have not created a profile in the past, you will need to create a new profile
-Click the Add public profile record link at the bottom of the page
-If you already have a public profile, you will simply see your profile and will not have an option to add a new record

•Creating a new profile or modifying an existing profile
-Select your program but leave Office and Affiliate fields empty
-Select your school and campus and then enter your professional and personal interests if desired
-You may copy and paste into the Bio Summary, however, please note that special formatting is not supported (See note at top of article)
-Click Insert (or Update for existing profiles) at the bottom of the page to continue

Please Note- Throughout the editing process, it is very important that you update each record that you change before you leave the page.
Your work will be lost if you do not update.

Creating a new profile or modifying existing profile
-Use the Records Tabs at the top to access different areas of your profile

-The Publication and Address Records tabs will prompt you to add information

-Faculty Records are created during the hiring process and will not be open for edits in the profile manager
-Education Records will be created using the Profile Item Records

Please Note- Throughout the editing process, it is very important that you update each record that you change before you leave the page.

•Creating a new profile or modifying existing profile

-Use Profile Item Records for the following (not an inclusive list):

•Academic History- Self Reported
•Community Service
•Web Links

Please Note- Throughout the editing process, it is very important that you update each record that you change before you leave the page.

Notes, Tips and Setting Expectations

When will my profile be displayed? What are the next steps for me?
-The information you enter into the directory based on these instructions will be taken and displayed on the Faculty Spotlight page on the next business day. All changes will take at least one business day before they can be seen on the Faculty Spotlight page.
-The information entered into the directory will be reviewed for consistency and tone prior to publication and may be modified

-Pictures will be added for you. If you have not already had a headshot taken, please send a professional picture to Paul.Nelson@Alliant.edu. These pictures can be used until a new professional headshot can be taken. I will convert them to B&W and do my best to ensure a consistent look across the Faculty Spotlight.

•Please send your feedback or questions about the Faculty Spotlight Pages to Paul Nelson at Paul.Nelson@Alliant.edu
•For all other questions, please contact ITHelp@Alliant.edu

Alternative Submission Method

If you prefer not to log into My.Alliant to edit your profile, you may also submit your bio via Marketing Helpdesk ticket.

Include the following:

1. Ticket Title: “Lastname Bio”

2. Ticket Summary: Enter or paste your bio information here

3. Category: Select Creative Services: Copywriting

4. Fill out mandatory fields

Submit your ticket and Marketing will review prior to publishing to Alliant.edu
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